Face Off – Burtonesque

I couldn’t go without writing about last week’s episode of Face Off where the contestants had to create characters that would fit in a Tim Burton Movie. I’m not even that big of a Tim Burton fan and this was one of my favorite episodes of the season.

As usual, let’s start with the bad.

The Bad :

Sue – Toymaker –  The make-up she did had good movement, yes, but it was really just another old age make-up. I think if the challenge was to make Geppetto from Pinocchio she would have nailed it. But, since it was to make a character that would have fit in a Tim Burton movie she failed.

Beki - Baker - The great cupcake fiasco. Beki had shown us that she was quite a good sculptor, but why waste all of that talent on making a giant cupcake? It wouldn’t have been that bad if he character didn’t look terrible. What were with those teeth? Those were some of the worst teeth this season. Well, there was Brea’s chemical burn disaster, but the teeth on this are down in the pit of horrible with that. Beki was justifiably eliminated for this.

The Good :

Matt – Ice Cream Man - Matt’s probably looked more like a character that belongs in the long rumored sequel/remake to Killer Clowns From Outer Space, but it was damn cool. I loved the detail of the sprinkles as eyebrows and around the mouth. The cones on his head and shoulders were really cool too.

Ian – Plumber - Ian, like Beki, didn’t do much for applications, but he did a ton of work on the character’s props. So what if most of it was on his back. This isn’t a photography contest, this is a make-up contest, and a 360 degree look is important. I think Ian did a great job and didn’t deserve all the negative criticism about his prop placement.

RJ – Bellhop –  After making some very weird choices in the alien challenge, RJ knocked it out of the park this challenge. His bellhop with the bell on his head and the chest that was an actual chest of drawers was so damn clever it sucks that he didn’t win. I have nothing negative to say about this.

Rayce - Cellist - I’ve been a big fan of Rayce this entire season and he finally won a challenge. I can’t believe this was his first win. His cellist and her lover/cello was fantastic. It was a toss up between him and RJ for the win, and I think Rayce got it for the great work he’s done throughout the season and the fact that he hadn’t won a challenge yet and RJ had.


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