Face Off – Alien Interpreters

The contestants had to create makeups based on designs by Patrick Tatopoulos. There were a few bat/vampire like creatures and a cyborg thing.

Check below for the artist by artist rundown.

Let’s start with the bad.

The Bad :

Sue - Sue’s had a monkey face with a normal body and weird long fingernails on normal untouched hands. It was basically an alien head on a human body wearing a fur coat. It just seemed lazy. It’s sad to say, but like a lot of this season it seems like someone who didn’t do well didn’t go home because someone else just did worse.

RJ – RJ made a shitty triceratops/Predator looking thing. The chest and arms were very bad. The head piece was kind of cool, I’ll give him that. But, again those arms were horrible. The paint job on the chest was even worse.

Jerry - Not only was Jerry being a giant asshole about the last challenge during the episode, but he made a bat-shark-boy with an awful mouth and a town fair paint job. For someone with as much experience as he supposedly had I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did. The last challenge was the only one I can remember him doing well in. I’m actually glad Jerry was eliminated.

Matt - Another one that wasn’t good, but he slid by because of other travesties. Matt made an albino predator face with a weird non-opening mouth. It looked like a Halloween mask. A Halloween mask with a vagina on its forehead.

Tara - Speaking of other travesties. What happened to Tara? She started strong and then fell apart completely in the last few weeks. (Didn’t I have to say that last week too?) Her character had a jacked up mouth. He’s an alien in normal people clothes. The setbacks she suffered were her downfall (the arms not coming out & the teeth being wrong). While that’s unfortunate, you have to account for it. Tara was eliminated for this character.

Beki - Beki’s was OK. It reminded me of one of the creatures in the movie Pandorum. I guess it’s cool that it reminds me of movie make up, but I didn’t like the make up in that movie. It’s just red paint and tubes. It’s nothing at all like some of Beki’s other great sculpts.

The Good :

Rayce - I almost put Rayce’s in the bad because that paint color is way too bright and his character was wearing jeans. But, by now we know legs or leg coverings are not Rayce’s strong suit, he’s definitely a face guy. He does some excellent face work.

Ian - It’s funny when you think about how Ian won. Like Tara, some elements of his design didn’t mold properly, but he painted it well and used the tears in the mold and ear that couldn’t be saved to his advantage. The missing ear was a huge plus as it added to the creepy look of his character. For turning a huge negative into a positive Ian definitely deserved the win.

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