Face Off – Alice in Zombieland

Sorry this is so late. Things have been crazy lately. I’m going to be catching up for the past two weeks starting with this episode. The next episode “Supermobile” will be up shortly.

They started out this episode with a foundation challenge judged by Laila Ali. Jason won the challenge and got himself immunity in the spotlight challenge, which was Resident Evil(not just zombies, Resident Evil) meets Alice in Wonderland.


Since this is two weeks old I’ll try to make it quick. Let’s start with the bad.

The Bad : 

 Sarah – Chesire Cat - I don’t know where to start. This kind of overwhelmed me when I first saw it. It was not good. The head looked like an obvious mask attached to a cowl, like you could see the seam. The fur definitely looked mangy, but in a weird kind of horrible way. The width of the mouth was the only excusable part. Not the look of the mouth, the width. This was BAD. I thought Sarah would have gone home for this, but she didn’t.

Tommy – The White Rabbit - I didn’t hate this one, but it wasn’t great. Everything but the face looked like a low budget horror movie slasher costume. The face was decent though, it reminded me of the comic book character Usagi Yojimbo as a zombie.

Nicole – Alice - It wasn’t great. It even looked kind of cartoon-y, but it wasn’t horrible. I liked the colors more than most, and the pulsing head blisters were a nice ambition. She had some tearing which really hurt her. She was eliminated for this.

Rod – The Queen - Rod’s wasn’t that bad. I think he just didn’t really go with the whole zombie concept like he was supposed to. I also liked the head his queen was carrying better than the face of his actual queen.

Jason – The Hatter - Good zombie mouth, bad zombie everything else. The make-up on the face was an odd color. And that chest piece, what the hell was up with that chest piece?

Alana – The White Rabbit - It seemed like she didn’t really do much. It was mostly costume (like Tommy’s) and what she did paint seemed very sparse. I know it’s hard to do rabbit teeth, but come on! Having said all of that, it still looked pretty cool in comparison to all the other’s in the “bad” category here.

The Good : 

Roy – The Queen - Conceptually great, great fabrication, but overall great execution? I’m not so sure. It looked a little bland in the color department. His sculpts are great, but I’m not sure his actual make-up is that great. The judges didn’t agree and gave Roy the win.

Laura – The Hatter - It came out better than it was looking during last looks, but Laura’s character wasn’t up to the expectations she’s set for herself in this competition.

Derek – Chesire Cat - I have to give it up to him for the face. It’s hard to do a side view of a mouth like that (ask Bre from last season), but he nailed it. I wasn’t a huge fan of all the lavender, but this worked very well. Derek was robbed of the win.

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