The Most Evil Guns in the World

The Sixth Gun is a story about, well six guns. Each gun has a mystical/evil power and is bound to its user until their death. In that case the next person to touch it becomes the user, and if anyone else touches the gun it burns them with an ‘evil’ blue flame. Some years after the end of the Civil War, Becky Montcrief, the step-daughter of a preacher, has the ‘misfortune’ of touching the 6th and most powerful gun after her step father is killed right in front of her. The ‘widow’ Hume has hired the Pinkerton Detective Agency to locate the gun, which she claims belongs to her husband. And Drake Sinclair(the ‘hero’ of the story) is also hunting for the gun for his own personal reasons.

General Hume’s, the original owner of the sixth gun, men find and free him from his post-life bondage and start on the hunt for his gun. Meanwhile, Becky is kidnapped by the Pinkerton’s after her step-father’s death and taken to Mrs. Hume. While under her capture Drake Sinclair rescues her to help himself in finding what he’s looking for. It all sounds very weird, but it makes for a surprisingly good supernatural-western story.


  • The mythos of the guns are very cool. They each have a different power when fired, or grant the holder of the gun different abilities. (see the page below) The sixth gun (general’s gun) allows the user to the see the future.
  • Drake Sinclair is a good character. He’s one of those guys you’re not supposed to like, but you do anyway. He’s not a good person, he comes from a bad past, and he doesn’t really have good intentions, but he’s somehow the hero of the tale.
  • Issue #6 is where the shit really hits the fan. After the conclusion of the main story I was wondering how they’d be able to continue the narrative, but the epilogue did a very good job of clarifying that.


  • General Hume is a bit iffy. He’s been ‘dead’ for years and can summon up all this strength and an undead army? I was under the impression that the guns are what gave he and his men the powers they have. He doesn’t have his gun, so where is he getting these powers?

There’s not much I can say poorly about this series. My only gripes are with things that if you’re reading a story about magic guns you maybe shouldn’t have a problem with. I just kind of hope the mystery behind the guns gets fleshed out more in the next story arc (which is currently being released)

If you’re interested in checking this out, you can buy it here.

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