EA’s 2010 E3 Press Conference – Live Blog

Here is the archive of the live blog. I’ll try to get any relevant clips from the conference up soon.

Here we go…

5:09 – It has begun

5:10 – I think they’re showing Need for Speed

5:11 – Yeah, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit by Criterion. Releasing November 16th.

5:12 – Criterion making it is awesome. They’re the makers of Burnout.

5:14 – This game seems to have some great friend integration like the last Burnout did.

5:16 – OK, so the chase is over once you ‘wreck’ the person running.

5:17 – Ricitello just made a promise of 10 games throughout the show.

5:18 – Need For Speed was 1, Dead Space 2 is, well, 2.

5:19 – They’re showing the creature that ended the gameplay trailer posted earlier. That’s how the clip started.

5:20 –  Isaac was just getting attacked by what looked like unbaptized children from Dante’s Inferno.

5:24 – That clip was awesome. They’re going to show some more at the Sony press conference.

5:25 – FPS’s? do tell.

5:26 – I take it game #3 is Medal of Honor

5:26 – yes, it is

5:27 – 24 player multiplayer demo. this should be good.

5:28 – This is an interesting demo. Kind of hard to watch. This game looks a lot like Modern Warfare 2.

5:31 – June 21st a multiplayer beta for Medal of Honor goes live.

5:31 – Now they’re playing  a multiplayer trailer.

5:32 – They’re introducing something called “Gun Club”

5:33 – You can use it to get exclusive content, beta access, and early demos.

5:35 – There’s a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 expansion coming called “Vietnam”

5:35 – Peter Moore is on-stage to talk EA Sports. Up first is EA MMA. I guess this is game #4.

5:37 – This game still suffers from the lack of the UFC license.

5:39 – Live Broadcast in EA MMA allows you to record videos of yourself to taunt opponents. It will also feature ‘live’ online fights with real commentators.

5:40 – You will be invited to fights for real-world prizes and ‘online fame’

5:41 – EA Sports Active 2 is up. This should be game #5.

5:42 – Active 2 will incorporate a heart-rate monitor.

5:44 – Now there’s someone working out on each system. Other than the heart rate monitor they have some sort of sensors on their other limbs. Except for the guy using Kinect.

5:47 – Madden NFL 11 is game #6.

5:49 – Madden games are supposedly going to have better play calling, quicker games, 3-on-3 co-op, and some yelling guy.

5:50 – Joe Montana went from selling Sketchers to E3.

5:51 – They’re showing the new play calling system for Madden 11.

5:52 – I didn’t really notice the difference.

5:54 – A new guy is on-stage. He’s pretty strange and going to talk about The Sims 3. Game #7.

5:56 – Show The Old Republic already!

5:57 – Didn’t the Sims 3 come out a while ago?

5:59 – I have a science degree and this science talk about the mind and consciousness is BORING. Show some more awesome games. Who let this guy talk?

6:00 – The Sims is coming to consoles. Is that what he was trying to get at?

6:01 – EA Partners, whoo!

6:02 – Insomniac and Respawn, double whoo!

6:04 – We’re going to see some more of Crysis 2, which is going to run on consoles. Get excited.

6:05 – This Crysis 2 gameplay clip is intense

6:08 – They’re going to show some Crysis 2 in 3D. He said it will be in stereoscopic 3D on 360, PS3, & PC.

6:11 – That was a pretty sweet cinematic. Couldn’t tell if it was in 3D though.

6:12 – Bulletstorm – Game #9

6:13 – It will release February 22nd, 2011

6:14 – They’re starting a gameplay demo

6:17 – The weapons in this game look great.

6:20 – Yeah, Bulletstorm looks hella fun.

6:20 – Ahh, game 10, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

6:22 – This game looks better and better every time they show it. Everyone gets their own starship.

6:23 – A new trailer is being shown

6:28 – WOW! That was incredible. BioWare needs to get together with George Lucas and make a movie or something. Those last two trailers were two of the best ever.

6:30 – And it is now over.

Other than the boring Sims presentation and what was way too much time spent talking about play calling in Madden, that was a very good press conference.

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