Dunnibal Dunny

dunnibal both colorsNot only did the creature inside kill the other one, it’s wearing its skin. That’s messed up.

This is an 8″ Dunny by ilovedust that will cost you $74.99. Apparently the detail is pretty damn good on it, especially for it being so ‘busy’. I snagged the top picture from My Plastic Heart, and over on their blog they have some pretty good pictures of the figure. You can also buy it from them starting tomorrow at 11AM. You can buy it from Kid Robot as well here.

The two figures above are the same, they’re just different colorways. The red version on the left is a chase that will be in 1 in every 6 boxes. I kind of dig the blue one more. How much of a bummer would it be if you wanted the blue, but kept getting the red version?

Here are some more pictures:

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