The Detective & The Sorcerer

Everybody wants to be more like Sherlock Holmes. Well, everyone wants to have great deduction skills, and be able to read their surroundings like a book. I don’t think people strive to be hard to deal with and to have a drug problem.

We all have our own experience with the character and ideas of what he’s “supposed to” be like.

I have a confession to make. Here we go: “Hi, my name is Jamie Concepcion, and The Breath of God is the first Sherlock Holmes novel I have ever read.”

In The Breath of God Watson is retelling the story of how, while investigating the apparent murder of a young socialite, Sherlock and himself, get themselves wrapped up in an often times frightening supernatural world.

The body of Hilary De Montfort has just been found crushed to death in the center of a garden square. Where his body lies makes it impossible for him to have jumped to death, there’s no bludgeon marks on him, as well as no footprints around him. This crime scene, and a plea from “psychic doctor” John Silence intrigue Holmes & Watson enough to investigate.


  • Sherlock Holmes’ dialogue is razor sharp. Guy Adams does a great job of writing Holmes how you’d expect him to be.
  • Carnacki is a great character. He totally believes in what he is doing, and I will be seeking out the material in which he was created.
  • A lot of the chapters end perfectly. The end of a chapter would often be the time you’d choose to stop reading, but some of them ended so well you want to continue regardless.
  • The story is told from a past perspective, so Watson lets slip some future details about future characters that eliminate any likelihood they’ll meet their doom.
  • The explanation for why most of the story took place is kind of predictable and cheap. The first mystery is never really solved in a rational real-world way. I expected a much more clever “a-ha!” moment.
Guy Adam’s Sherlock Holmes: The Breath of God isn’t a bad book, and I am in no way upset that I read it. I guess I just expected more from a Sherlock Holmes novel.
I’d recommend this for Sherlock Holmes fans, or people who really liked Holmes dealing with the supernatural, like he did in the Guy Ritchie film. I wouldn’t recommend this to be someone’s first experience with Sherlock Holmes though
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