Demo Impressions – Paper Towels Anyone?

wet posterWet was one of the few games dropped by Activision when they acquired the rights to Vivendi.  Then it was floating around homeless for a while.  Recently, Bethesda Softworks picked it up and will be releasing it for the PS3 and 360 September 15th.

The Look – This is not a good looking game.  The graphics are on par with a game that it seems Wet decided to emulate, Stranglehold.  It’s too bad Stranglehold borrowed most of it’s ideas too.

“I’m allergic to shooting with my feet on the ground” – If you want to kill enemies from range in Wet don’t plan on running around and shooting. No, that’s way too boring! Kill people in style! It seems like the only way you can actually dispatch a foe with bullets is to do it while jumping(in slo-mo), while sliding(in slo-mo), or while running on a wall (in slo-mo).  Every other time you’re shooting it doesn’t seem to be effective.  You don’t need to earn the ability to be able to do these moves either, so you can just chain them throughout the whole sequence.  Also, Rubi never seemed to reload or even be close to running out of bullets.

This isn’t the Matrix – She’s acrobatic, I get it.  I might not have gotten it if you hadn’t forced me to kill while only jumping, sliding, and running on walls. But, a section where I jump from moving car to moving car? Is she supposed to have special powers too?

Grindhouse – I think the developers wanted to give it a grindhouse feel.  Maybe that’s why it looks like shit and you can only play it a certain way. I wonder if all the best scenes are spliced out.

Slice n’ Dice – The best part about the combat is the sword.  It’s not great, but it’s definitely the coolest part of the game.

Bad demo usually = bad game, but good demo doesn’t necessarily = good game, especially with the release date so soon to when the demo was released.  They don’t have much time to fix all that’s wrong with what they showed in the demo.  Pray for the job of whoever at Bethesda thought it was a good idea to pick this game up.

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