Demo Impressions – Mini Ninjas


Mini Ninjas is an upcoming multi-platform game from Eidos and IO Interactive (who made Kane & Lynch and Hitman).  It’s centered on main character Hiro, a young ninja, and his quest to find his missing ninja friends (as far as the demo goes). It releases September 8th for the 360, PS3, Wii, PC, and DS.

Graphics – Ehh, nothing great here.  I feel like Psychonauts on the original Xbox looked as good as this game does.

Sound – The little samurai’s battle cries made me want to mute it after I heard them so many times.

Is Dr. Robotnik Behind This? – When you defeat an enemy instead of dying or bleeding, they go ‘poof’ and turn into one of various small woodland creatures.

Magic, Spells, and Inventory – You can collect flowers, which will allow you to make new items that you have found or purchase the recipe for, which is a nice addition.  You’re also able to cast spells like fireballs (when you are in the form of Hiro), take over the body of large animals (Hiro as well), and switch into other ninjas he has found on the fly.

Gameplay – The fighting is very basic and hack n’ slash, but you can use your spells, sneak through tall grass, perform wall jumps, and throw shuriken.  One of the cooler things they added to help you get around is the ability to use your hat as a boat while in the water. The camera is controlled with the right stick, so you have a good grasp over what you’ll be seeing.

Price – Right now on Mini Ninjas is listed at $10 less than the normal price for new games on the home consoles  ($50 on 360 & PS3, $40 on Wii).

This game is a tough call, I played the demo twice to be able to better judge how I felt about it.  The first time I thought it was really lame and the second time I thought it was more fun.  This is a rental at best, though with the coming season of games,  most people probably never will rent it.  If you play video games and have smaller children, like 7-12 years old, they’d probably really be into this.

This is an E3 trailer about the story. If the game actually looked like this it’d be a huge upgrade.

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