Demo Impressions – Invisible Predator

The demo for Batman Arkham Asylum was released this Thursday on the PSN. What’s the verdict?

I really like how they’re emphasizing that Batman is the world’s greatest detective. That isn’t talked about much in any other Batman games or the movies.

Graphics – This is one of those games where the actual gameplay tends to look smoother than the cut scenes do. The mouths don’t always match up to the dialogue either.

Cape! – It seems like they spent a lot of time working on his cape.  It moves like it should when you run and turn.  I spent about five minutes just testing out how the cape moved.  It does just float through walls however.

Combat – It’s simple yet satisfying. As far as the straight hand-to-hand goes it has an Assassin’s Creed feel to it. The parts where you use detective mode and can take bad guys out one by one without the others knowing where you are is fantastic.   I can only imagine it will get better with more tools at your disposal.

Voice Acting – The voice acting is spot on. I’m very glad they used cast members from the cartoon.

This game is looking great, it’s not the prettiest game, but the gameplay itself is fun.  I can’t wait to try out more of Batman’s gadgets and more game modes. I’m really hoping this game delivers on the experience the demo creates and doesn’t end up a disappointment. This was hyped as the best Batman game ever after all.

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