Delocated – Decoys

Delocated is a show about a guy in the Federal Witness Protection Program who moves to New York City to have his own reality show. He moved there with his wife and son, who have both left. He met his current girlfriend Kim and has been with her since episode three of season one. Season two just started this past Sunday.

Oh, “Jon” likes to refer to sex as “the bone zone”

In this episode Yvgeny’s Brother Sergei Mirminsky is put in charge of killing “Jon”. They tell him not to kill “Jon” right away, but to kill everyone around him first. Sergei starts by killing the producer who told him that. He then kills the golf caddy Ray from season one. In order to keep “Jon” alive the government launches a program called “Operation Many Jon’s”, a group of decoys who will do everyday mundane tasks for “Jon” so he’s out of harms way. Kim writes a poem about how she feels toward “Jon”.


  • “Looks like season 2 of Delocated is going to be pretty amazing”
  • ‘Meat suite marathon’ and ‘laycation’ , if you’ve seen the episode or see it after reading this you’ll know exactly what I mean.
  • Todd Barry’s cameo
  • “At least I have a face to picture now when we’re in the bone zone”
  • The song at the end of the episode is comedy gold. If you don’t laugh you’re crazy. Or deaf, and in that case I’m sorry.


  • Sergei isn’t really funny. Maybe he will get to be over time, but in season one Yvgeny dressed as a woman to try and kill “Jon” at a book reading. Sergei has a lot to live up to.
  • Doubling the run time of your show could make a constantly funny show a funny show with boring parts. That didn’t really happen in this episode, I’m just saying it’s a possibility.

This was hilarious and a great first episode for this season. It was a half hour long instead of the 15 minute block it was in season one. Check out the next episode this coming Sunday at 10PM EST on Adult Swim.

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