Deftones – Diamond Eyes

Deftones is a rock band from Sacramento, California(if you didn’t know). Diamond Eyes is their sixth album, and first since a car accident left their bassist Chi Cheng in a coma. It was released May 4th.

Chi isn’t back, but they had their friend Sergio Vega fill in for him on bass.


  • A very solid rock album. At first I thought this didn’t really have the same great songs that Saturday Night Wrist, White Pony,  or their self-titled album had, but after listening to it as many times as I have it might be their most consistent.
  • I really respect them for releasing an album of material written and recorded without their original bassist while they supposedly have an album worth of stuff recorded that they did with Chi. It says they’re not giving up on their friend and are willing to wait for him to do it together.


  • “CMND/CNTRL” threatens to bring the whole thing down. Some of the song isn’t bad, but in the majority of it, the vocal style and riffs are WAY too reminiscent of terrible nu-metal.

Diamond Eyes isn’t really an amazing album, but it’s very good. It has a good amount of “album highlights”. If you’ve been a fan of the Deftones for a while you’ve probably already heard this album. If you like your rock music with down-tuned guitars and some heavier riffs, but are a little scared by metal this is a good stepping stone.  There are also some excellent Team Sleep(Chino Moreno’s ‘electronic’ band) like songs on here for fans of the slower Deftones stuff.

Album Highlights : “Beauty School” , “Rocket Skates” , “Sex Tape” , “Risk” & “This Place is Death”

Check it out for yourself (The Lala version has two bonus cover songs at the end, tracks 12 and 13)

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