Death in Action

Forgot to post this yesterday, but it was announced that Neil Gaiman’s incarnation of Death would be appearing in an upcoming issue of Action Comics.  I think this marks the first time Death has appeared in a non-Vertigo DC comic.  I felt it was worth noting because while I’ve still yet to read Sandman or Death (I know, I’m behind) I have always felt that Gaiman’s idea of Death was the best, primarily because I like the idea of death not being a skeletal monstrosity but rather a cute young woman.  I’d certainly rather see her than the Bill and Ted version of Death.  She’s sweet, she’s fun, and she ushers you off into the next life.  I dig a girl that can be in the process of ending my life and still make me really like her.  Anyway, she’ll be dealing with Lex Luthor in this issue, meaning that he’ll likely be having a near-Death exp… I’m so sorry, I almost made the worst joke I’ve ever made.  Forgive me.

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