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Peripheral based games have been around for a while. They must have started earlier, but the recent trend goes back to the late 90s with Dance Dance Revolution. Guitar Hero and Rock Band are responsible for how many developers are now trying to ‘cash in’ and release their own game bundled with a peripheral.

“Who needs story based games? Pssh, everyone has so much money to throw away nowadays! Let’s throw a space-eating piece of plastic in the box and jack up the price!!”

This is going to be a run-down of some of the bigger games bundled with peripherals and looking at some of the future titles to be released.

Wii Fit – $89 for the game and the balance board.

Is still the price it was released at. With Wii games normally being about $50 this isn’t too bad a price for a peripheral that works with other titles. Does anyone that has this still regularly use it though?

Beatles: Rock Band – $250 for game, bass controller, microphone, microphone stand, drums, and ‘special content’.

Is the microphone stand really worth 80 more bucks to put this to 250 from the original rock band’s 170? The bass controller that comes with this is, in my opinion, the best looking guitar controller to be released yet. I just don’t think this bundle is worth the price they’re putting on it. Especially for the many people who already own Rock Band or Guitar Hero instruments from their previous installments.

Guitar Hero World Tour - was $190 when it came out, I think.

It had a drum set with five pads instead of Rock Bands four. With the cymbal kit for Rock Band’s drums what does Guitar Hero World Tour really offer that Rock Band doesn’t?

DJ Hero – $120 for game and turntable/mixer combo.

This one is different, For games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band many people will say kids should just learn how to play an instrument themselves. In order to buy an electric guitar you would normally have to spend around $100 minimum…and then you have to buy an amp, which don’t run much cheaper for low wattage. DJ equipment though, which can most definitely get expensive, isn’t as expensive a start-up in comparison. You’re not going to get great stuff for less than $200, but you can get a decent starting mp3 turntable/mixer combo for around the price of DJ Hero. And I know, some people just want to match a predetermined set of icons on the screen along with the song, I’m just stating their options. Also, when you play games like Rock Band you’re playing famous artists famous songs(for the most part); with some, or most of those songs loved by players BEFORE they even play them in the game. DJ Hero is 80+ tracks, yes, but they’re going to all be mixes no one has heard before by DJ’s and Producers who may or may be known to you depending on your tastes.
This game is also going to be virtually impossible to rent because it requires the turntable/mixer combo which is being released for the first time bundled w/ the game itself. I find it hard to recommend this based on the price and the fact that you can’t rent it. Is this peripheral really that much more advanced than the plastic guitar that they bundle with Guitar Hero? And if not, then why is DJ Hero priced $20 more than Guitar Hero bundles?

Tony Hawk Ride – $120 for the game and the skateboard peripheral.

I’m 100% against a new Tony Hawk game in general. Tony, Activision, and the people at Robomodo want you to think that they overhauled the whole game. If you see anyone actually play it though it looks just like the same old Tony Hawk with a shiny new skateboard peripheral to jack up the price. What happened to being inspired to be better by getting owned by Skate and Skate 2? How come characters can still ollie about four feet in the air? Why are there many video examples of characters grinding up rails? The reason people loved Skate was the realistic physics. Whenever I would play older Tony Hawk games I was always more into doing tricks that I thought were realistic and would be considered cool in the real world; like jumping over a railing down a flight of stairs. I think the success and critical acclaim for the Skate franchise has shown that a lot of other people might have been doing the same things I was doing in the older Tony Hawk games. Putting a piece of plastic shaped like a skateboard under people’s feet isn’t going to make it seem more real than Skate, you need to combine realistic physics along with it.
Tony Hawk’s Ride could be a great game and could force me to ‘eat my words’, but at this time I highly doubt it. I also don’t expect this game to sell as well as Activision will be expecting it to.

Love them or hate them games bundled with peripherals aren’t going away anytime soon, not as long as people keep paying the higher prices developers are asking.

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