Corre! Corre Lejos de la Casa!

Oh, Will Ferrell, you silly man. At one point you had a lot of built up good will. You were in some great movies, specifically Anchorman, and were considered to be very funny. Now, a lot of people just straight up don’t like you. You’ve let them down too many times to be a sure thing. I was not one of those people, however. Casa de mi Padre might just change that.

Ferrell plays Armando, a ranch-hand tending to cattle on his father’s land. His brother Raul (played by Diego Luna) comes back home with a new woman, and a drug war pitting Raul against La Onza(Gael Garcia Bernal) ensues. That synopsis isn’t very in depth, nor does it make too much sense, but that’s the gist of the plot.


  • The music was awesome. I think the point of this movie was to poke fun at 70’s Spanish language films? That equated to cool music, except for the songs that were supposed to be funny.
  • There’s a scene where they explain how there was supposed to be this awesome animal fight, but they couldn’t show it for legal reasons. I thought that was funny.


  • This is an amazingly unfunny comedy. It tries so hard, and fails so miserably. Within the first few minutes there’s a scene of a few characters laughing way too long at a stupid joke, and at that point I knew this movie wasn’t going to be very funny.
  • The purposely poor production values. Yeah, pulling a toy truck through a fake city is hilarious. So is making purposely shitty cuts, having the characters ride blatantly fake horses, and using animatronics that would have looked bad 30 years ago.

Casa de mi Padre is a very bad movie. It’s less than 90 minutes, but it feels so much longer. That’s because it’s unfunny and boring. I thought a Spanish-language movie with Will Ferrell could be great, boy was I wrong. You should only see this if you’re a masochist.

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