Contagious Hulk Make You Mad!

In the third episode of SyFy’s Alphas, titled Anger Management, Dr Rosen and co. are tracking a mysterious person who has the ability to make everyone around them angry and incite riots. After a riot on a subway car that results in the death of 5 people the team is on the hunt for the person that caused it, and the majority of the rest of the episode involves them trying to figure out who that person is, as well as apprehend them. There’s also a lot of personal drama for the characters.

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  • Chase, who is the coolest character on this show, actually uses his abilities to get things done a few times.
  • The way the scenes where everyone gets pissed off and wants to hurt each other are filmed in an odd hue. It just looks like messy grindhouse film footage.
  • Last week’s episode had a known villain, so it had the most fleshed out villain in the entire series so far. This week we barely learned anything about the villain other than it was some angry kid.
  • Chase is still super reluctant about using his powers for good or otherwise, and Gary is still AWFUL.
  • A character actually refers to Gary as “Rainman”
I wasn’t a big fan of last week’s episode, but somehow this episode ended up being worse with a very weak villain. I do want to give the show some potential credit and say it seems like Binghamton could end up being the real villain of the show and I would like to see them take it in that direction.
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