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Community – Digital Exploration of Interior Design

In this episode of the show a Subway is opened in the school cafeteria, and in order for it to exist a student must be a partial owner, so there’s a guy named Subway. Jeff finds out he has a locker, then finds a note in it from a girl named Kim that thinks he’s a jerk. Troy and Abed argue about whether they should make a blanket or pillow fort.


  • Pierce records Britta and Subway having sex, so Subway loses his identity.
  • Alison Brie is very nice to look at.

 NAY :

  • Jeff’s entire story suuuuuucks.
  • Pierce repeatedly drinks ink. I guess that’s supposed to be funny.

This episode was another one that just didn’t matter to me at all. It ended on a “to be continued”, so I’ll give it that next episode to be better. The next show better not suck. The last couple of episodes have been really bad. If this one is equally as bad, it will be dropped from Thursday Comedy.

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