Community – Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts

Community returned last Thursday after cancellation was held over it’s head for a while. It’s still not a sure thing, it’s going to have to do really well to be renewed. Apparently, according to ratings numbers it beat American Idol, so maybe it has a chance.

In the episode Shirley’s husband asks her to marry him again while Shirley and Pierce decide to try and open a sandwich shop in the school cafeteria. Annie wants to help plan the wedding, Brita finds out she’s good at planning weddings, and Jeff hates weddings. Troy and Abed try to get all the weird out so they can act normal for Shirley’s re-marriage wedding.


  • Troy and Abed being weird, then trying not to act weird. If this show gets canceled I could see these guys getting a successful spin-off.


  • EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT THE EPISODE! It was a terrible episode. I normally think this show is pretty good, but it was awful. It was frequently unfunny. Half way through I was hating on this so hard I would have rather spent my time watching a show about Dane Cook being a DJ.

Community is back, yes, but it needs to get much much better to deserve to be on NBC Thursday nights. They pushed Parks & Recreation back for this?! I feel bad for everyone else that watched this episode.


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