Community – Contemporary Impressionists

Community got marginally better with last Thursday’s episode. It’s still not really proving it deserves to be on NBC’s Thursday night over Parks & Recreation.

In the episode Abed gets addicted to celebrity impersonators and racks up a huge bill, so the group has to work a bar mitzvah to pay off Abed’s debt to the agency owner. Jeff was recently put on anti-anxiety medication and is now confident to the point where his ego can take over at any moment.


  • “All your making me feel right now is hatred for Renee Zellweger” – Dean
  • “It’s amazing, you’re actually more handsome than the guy that’s famous for being handsome” – random lady
  • When Jeff wakes up on the side of the road
  • Evil Abed


  • “My swagger has a new swagger”  – Jeff
  • Everything else about the episode that wasn’t mentioned above.

This show, is bad. It’s just not good. I remember liking some episodes, especially the Dungeons & Dragons one. When did it get this boring? I don’t care about anything that happens to these people, and it’s not funny. Like I said, this was a step up from last week, but I need this show to get way better if I’m going to keep tagging it under “Comedy” .


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