China, IL

china ilThe return of an 11-minute animated show (a sprint) that has now been allowed a 22-minute time slot to breathe, and so they can tell better stories. They better live up to the promise! Or else! China, IL returns to Adult Swim with a second season tonight at 11:30PM.

There’s also the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards hosted by Neil Patrick Harris airing at 8PM on CBS.

What I think is the second to last episode of Breaking Bad, “Granite State”, is on at 9PM on AMC.

And wrapping up the night is a new episode of Aqua TV Show Show called “Skins”, where Shake joins a drum circle, at 12AM on Adult Swim. Followed by Squidbillies “Stop, Jammertime” at 12:15Am, also on Adult Swim.

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