Modern Family

One of television’s most consistently funny shows. You can almost always count on Modern Family to deliver.


If you like seeing other people get hurt/embarrassed then this is a show for you.

Adventure Time

It’s a lovable cartoon both kids and adults can enjoy!

Almost Human

I saw the first episode of this show at Comic Con and dug it.

The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs is a pretty great family sitcom. It took over Happy Endings’ spot, which is sad, but it’s a good show.

Steven Universe

Steven Universe is an interesting cartoon about a kid with a magical gem in his stomach that lives with three superhero women going by “The Crystal Gems”. Like I said, it’s interesting.

American Horror Stor...

Is this show good? I honestly have no idea. Maybe you should watch it though?


A show about crazy men making ca-razy booze!

Sleepy Hollow Return...

After a few weeks off due to a sport called ‘baseball’ (I think it’s Spanish or something) Sleepy Hollow is back with a new episode. And John Noble is in it!


A show that was once a critical darling seems to have gone slightly off the rails into crazy pants town. This reminds me of that SNL sketch about Homeland when Anne Hathaway hosted and she just kept losing her cool and crying hysterically.

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