We Are Men

Three older guys (some older than others) convince a younger newly single guy to get back in the dating scene. Should be a hoot!

Bob’s Burgers

One of the best, if not THE best, animated shows on television returns with its fourth season tonight. Don’t be a butthole and miss Bob’s Burgers tonight. It’s on FOX at 8:30PM. Luckily Bob’s Burgers is on at 8:30PM, because the series finale of Breaking Bad is on AMC...

The Michael J. Fox S...

You can’t help but like Michael J. Fox. He’s just a very likable guy. I hope his show is good.

The Blacklist –...

I’m going to be upfront again. I liked this show. It’s not AMAZING, but it’s worth the watch, and it’s intriguing enough to make me want to keep watching.

South Park

Season 17 of this critically acclaimed/Emmy winning show premieres tonight. There are few shows that are better at social commentary than South Park.

China,IL – The...

In the first episode of season two of China, IL Frank becomes obsessed with, and then addicted to, giving the perfect lecture.

Marvel’s Agent...

In case you weren’t sure what company was responsible for S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel wants to make sure you know it’s them.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It was hard to not be skeptical about this show without seeing it. A silly cop show starring Andy Samberg? Sounds kind of like a recipe for disaster.

6.5 Best Moments from the 65th Emmys Sep23

6.5 Best Moments fro...

The 65th Emmy awards aired last night. And was it just me, or were they funnier than usual?

The Blacklist

This one looks like it could be NBC’s hit new hour-long.