The Walking Dead

It’s that show that a lot of people love! It’s on tonight!

Comedy Bang! Bang!

It’s Friday. Friday’s a weird night. Who watches TV on Friday?! I do.

Parks and Recreation

It’s one of the funniest shows on television. Give it the respect it deserves!


It’s that time of year when Halloween themed stuff is going to start flying at our faces. Like, you know, bats.

Eagleheart: Paradise Rising Oct14

Eagleheart: Paradise...

Eagleheart is that very weird, and often very funny, late night Adult Swim show that kind of started as a Walker: Texas Ranger parody, but then evolved into something even weirder.

Regular Show

Tonight we have a solid block of cartoons that are great for kids, or adults. Followed later by two of TV’s most surprising new shows.


Just going with what’s first up tonight. TV is on and you may be watching it. Here are the things you might want to pay extra attention to.

The League

Last week’s episode was weird. But, I feel like this week’s will be back on the usual suspects. Is Rafi really dead? It was a year in the future, so who knows.

New Girl

It’s the show’s third week into its third season, and it’s one of the funniest shows on television.

China, IL – &#...

Episode recap two of the second episode of this show’s second season! Illuminati! The Dean goes crazy pants and decides to raise tuition at the college to $500,000 while cutting professor salaries to minimum wage. Baby Cakes becomes Kevin Costner(Robin Hood) to fight the Dean on the...