Lisa Frankenstein

I dig this shirt, but if I had to make a complaint I’d say “not enough unicorns.”


Chainsaw beats everything?

They Observe

If only the Fringe characters had some crazy looking guy to give them weird sunglasses.

Not the Droids We Ar...

Stormtroopers tend to be dumb, but at least these two got it right.

Excellent TARDIS Adv...

OK, so the phone booth is a little too similar, still, party on dudes!

True American Champi...

True American is both something I don’t understand and something that I would like to try.

Greetings From Los S...

I’m about to go there right now. I have a few things I need to take care of.

The Golden Mile

Great movie. You should see it, then see it again.

I Have a Bike

It’s hipster He-Man, bro.

The Strongman Game C...

“I am sorry I broke your game, mortal. I was simply interested in winning a trinket for Jane”

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