There’s a metaphor here right?


One of the most beautiful and deadliest sea creatures.

Mononoke Hime

Another great design that the average passerby will not even know is a film reference.

Traditional Totoro

There was a story floating around the internet yesterday about how Studio Ghibli is considering shutting down the film production side of their business. While that would be a bummer it probably won’t ever be the same without Hayao Miyazaki anyway.

Boba Lives

A great start to a great nerd shirt is not having words on it. The next step is to make sure the design is almost incognito. You don’t need to yell about what it is from the shirt. People will figure it out.


This is another case of a shirt design that I’m into, which I guess is the entire point of these posts.


I may be moving beyond the graphic tee phase on account of my increasing oldness, but this piece resonates with me.

Tiny Hero

I’m pretty sure the only reason this isn’t called “Man Bat” is because Man Bat is an actual Batman villain.

Forest Dream

If you’re a MiyazakI fan you’ll probably love this shirt.

Super Saiya Gym

What they don’t tell you is everyone is walking around popping sensu beans.

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