Walt and Jesse: The ...

I feel like there would be equally as much death.

Clockwork Kit

Raise of glass of milk-plus to this shirt.

The Study of Change

I’m bummed there will be no more episodes, but it ended well.

No More F*@#$…...

They really hate competition as far as anthropomorphic food goes.

Ultimate Assassin

This guy looks kind of familiar. I think he might be famous for something else.


“I’m transformed baby!” If this was a toy I’d probably buy it.

Baking Bread

I originally thought this was supposed to be a mash-up of Nintendo’s Cooking Mama, but I’m not sure.

Win or Die

It seems like there’s just a whole lot of dying. I wonder if anyone really wins.

Furyan Warrior

Just a killer and his dog.

Halloween Road

Hey, today’s Halloween!