Moon of my Life

The genie from Aladdin got bad ass.


Most kids will never learn what the majority of these are. I saw a movie projected on film this past weekend and it was refreshing.

Bounty Hunter

I bet his ship would have some cool racing mods.

Monsters Friends

I didn’t really know Mike was magical. His telekinesis must be strong to be keeping Sully in the air.

Mega Turtles 3

The only problem with this is if you killed Shred Man first, most of the other bosses would lose their way.

The Distant Future

There are no humans, only ro-bots.

Got Benderbrau?

He’ll get drunk without it. You’ll get drunk with it.

All Hail Heisenberg!

I’ve been posting a lot of Breaking Bad shirts lately, but it was a great show, show some respect.

Console Wars II

I guess Xbox is the dominate system in this.


Professor Chaos if you’re nasty.

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