Forest Dream

If you’re a MiyazakI fan you’ll probably love this shirt.

Super Saiya Gym

What they don’t tell you is everyone is walking around popping sensu beans.


We’ve all been “lied to” about ninjas. They didn’t wear those black pajamas. They wore the same sort of thing everyone else wore, because they were spies. Last I heard spies didn’t wear uniforms.

Factory Safety

When you look back it a lot of kids were harmed and possibly even killed during the course of their trip to Wonka’s factory.

Air Nimbus

It’d be pretty awesome to have a cloud to fly around on. As long as it had a seat belt or something.


Man, this shirt is messed up! Take advantage of the brainless one why don’t you?

Tree Trunks Apple Pi...

I hope she washes her trunk before she handles all those apples.

Master of Mischief

Maybe people whose names begin with the letter “L” shouldn’t be trusted.

Mister Bubbles

The artist here did a nice job of making creepy seem cute.

Pigeonman & Duc...

One of them makes bath time lots of fun. Which sounds weird.

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