Cartoon Network’s Friday – November 18th, 2011

This evening: Young Justice, the very last episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold,  Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Thundercats air.

Young Justice – “Secrets” – On Halloween, Artemis and Zatanna go to Manhattan for a night on the town, only to be hunted by Harm, a psycho in training who is hiding a deadly secret. This airs at 6:30PM.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold – “Mitefall!” – This is the last episode of this series (tear), and judging from the promo clip it is VERY self-referential. This airs at 7PM.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – “Carnage of Krell” – With two of his men facing execution for disobeying orders, Captain Rex is forced to confront his overly aggressive commander, General Krell in the conclusion to the action-packed battle for Umbara. This airs at 8PM.

Thundercats – “Into the Astral Plane” - The Cats are ready to retrieve the stone from the “Astral Plane” in the Elephant Village, but find it overtaken by Grunea and Mumm-Ra’s forces. This airs at 8:30PM

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