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The Cape – Scales

More The Cape madness. Yeah, it was on Monday, and it’s Thursday, but at least it’s here.

  • What exactly gives you skin like that?
  • “Frag”? is that the new “Frak?” Someone needs to put that on a shirt.
  • Sympathizing with the smaller criminals eh Cape?
  • Is 10 a huge age? I don’t even remember turning 10.
  • Dwarf joke. Super clever.
  • If you disarmed one guy and the other guy was watching it he would SHOOT YOU.
  • I think I need a drink…
  • So Scales has his own Black Beauty…
  • Ominous jumping
  • I just kind of lost what was going on. Is everyone going to a dance?
  • Is there an Oracle and a Chess in The Cape comic?
  • You look like a coooowboooooy
  • Is Palm City in Texas?
  • When I’m not The Cape I am The Hood!
  • How often do people leave kids under 10 home alone? Did I just have weird parents that didn’t do shit like that?
  • This is how 90% of abduction/home invasions begin creepo.
  • Ha, this kid isn’t dumb. But if you’re 10 and your birthdate is online you need to lock your info down.
  • Dwarf train conductor? That wouldn’t draw any unwanted attention.
The Cape vs. The Carnival of Crime
  • Ahh, so the party is on the train. I didn’t quite grasp that earlier.
  • Damn, this drink is tasty.
  • The Cape meets a guy dressed as The Cape. That’s what they’d refer to as a meta joke right?
  • She called his skin hideous, ouch.
  • The guy that’s playing the mayor was in Deadwood.
  • Gimme a drink mate!
  • Did he inject him with a hallucinogen?
  • Drug induced flashback?
  • This is more like The Cape vs. the bummer memories of his kid.
  • Dude’s gotta eat. Why not a fruit roll-up? Or fruit-by-the-foot. Whatever the hell that was…
  • Is he blind? WHAT IS GOING ON?!
  • So he’s like the GWB of that city?
  • Just realized I called Orwell Oracle. And I did that 100% by accident.
A Proper Villain
  • The Cape cosplayer emerges.
  • The whole outing of Chess thing didn’t go too well.
  • Is it bad that I was kind of hoping he’d shoot someone to show he wasn’t messing around?
  • I need to hold my ear or else people will think I’m crazy and talking to myself. Oh, and it will out me.
  • Shooting the ceiling won’t harm anyone dude.
  • Great, it’s dark. Perfect for a fight scene that will hide almost everything and be impossible to follow.
  • The Cape got his ass kicked.
  • Was he stuck to the train? Ok, yeah, he was.
  • Just let me put my hood back on, and I’m ok.
  • Cue ball joke, again right?
  • So he was a sideshow freak? Is he gonna Hulk out?
  • Nope…
  • Whoa, working with the bad guy so he can save himself/the others. This is actually kind of a cool story moment.
  • Oh shit, Chess knows who he is now. And he’s going to …umm, hurt people.
No Journey Too Far…
  • Is this their Batman/The Joker moment?
  • This guy is just giving himself a headache.
  • Ok, and an escape route.
  • Did he eat that guy?
  • You JUST realized that they’re criminals?
  • Seriously, is this news to you?
  • Technically he helped the villain save all those people.
  • Laaaaame
  • Yeah, you’re probably right, this show won’t get picked up for a second season…
  • The Cape’s your number one fan dude.
  • Its over, yay!
  • Bear McCreary does the music? Well, that’s pretty cool. I’ve always liked his work.

Actually kind of an interesting episode, especially with the hero/villain working together to reach a common goal.

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