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The Cape – The Lich

This is the makeup for the Valentine’s Day episode of The Cape.

The Dead Will Rise

  • She’s going to get mugged.
  • “I’m super creepy”
  • “I’m going to be taking care of some dead bodies”
  • Let me just sprinkle my dead dust on you

Janet Peck

  • Is this some kind of crazy DREAM?!
  • You’re not there bro!
  • He needs the cop not the cape, oooooh
  • The Cape just became a zombie show…
  • Doesn’t this Patrick guy already know Flemming’s a crook?
  • Threat on his life!
  • The jogger get up is not very incognito
  • I’m eating a sandwich. This isn’t a comment on the show, I’m actually eating a sandwich.
  • Who the hell is Chandler?
  • Cut to the freak market…
  • Yo, why you gotta be a zombie Janet?
  • Total eclipse of her liiiiife
  • Sleep you crazy bitch
  • No shit she’s a zombie

The Lich

  • Did he just basically say he thinks Haiti is in Africa?
  • Like the Sherlock Holmes movie, and a LOT of other movies.
  • A neurotoxin isn’t really voodoo
  • Neither is the girl who just left Parks and Recreation
  • Hi-yooo
  • Uh-ooooh
  • I am a mind ninja
  • Oh, I get it now. I thought she was saying “ledge” before
  • I’m afraid because they look like circus folk. Oh my god, you’re all circus folk!
  • Go, dwarf friend. I am a mind ninja.
  • I think if he took a knee he’d be fine.

Conrad Chandler

  • Hey, you know what they always say “If your friend could have a spinal injury the best thing you can do for him is shake him”
  • The Dwarf god? Oh, zinger!
  • X marks the date
  • They’re going to make the whole city into zombies!
  • You telling me his former best friend isn’t going to recognize his voice? He needs a Christian Bale gravel roughy
  • Who you talking to crazy lady?
  • He was so jealous and you feel him judging you, but that’s a good thing you remember about him?
  • Another sweet ride for Orwell, who’s super rich, but isn’t Peter Flemming’s daughter.
  • Was that woman in Twin Peaks?
  • On second thought I would like an open window. And I’m grumpy because my legs don’t work too well.
  • His face does look like it was misted.
  • Except fake a pained/sad face
  • Seriously, I watch animated movies and sometimes voices I recognize bother me and I have to figure out where I know them from. This guy doesn’t seem to slightly recognize Vince’s voice.

Record of Birth

  • Those wire mesh looking chairs don’t look comfortable.
  • This Conrad guy looks like a Star Trek character to me.
  • Yeah, her dad is kind of an asshole
  • Because her dad abandoned her for Ark.
  • Hey, It’s the chief, I’m setting you up AGAIN
  • Take him to my non police car

We’re on a Train Together

  • I recognize your eyes….from where, I don’t know…
  • Trust me, like I trusted you before you played a HUGE part in destroying my life.
  • How is this old giant beating you?
  • He has the face of a creepy statue. I hope that’s make-up
  • Ahh, so Creepy Conrad Chandler is the villain.
  • Funny that his “monster face” creeps me out less than his fake face did.
  • To be continued. I guess I really did need to do last week’s before I did this week.
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