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The Cape – The Lich, Part 2

Monday’s episode of The Cape brought The Lich story to a close…or did it?


  • Recap from last week

To Have and to Hold

  • Is her name Jamie or Janie? Flemming of course. Unless she has her mother’s last name.
  • It’s fuzzy so you know it’s not really happening.
  • Yup, there you go.
  • And like that he was gone.
  • Is he dusting for prints? There wasn’t an easier way to do that?
  • What the hell does Iceland have to do with anything?
  • The Cape knows where this creepo who’s trying to marry his partner is now.

For Richer or For Poorer

  • What the hell’s up with his face? Did he decide to go halfway between his real face and the fake face?
  • She’s not looking at you dude.
  • Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Face Pa-Pa-Poker Face.
  • She’s fantasizing about marrying Farraday…
  • He looks like one of the gang members in The Warriors
  • Haha, “An insane asylum, filled with zombies?”
  • Shit just got weird
  • It’s like House of the Dead up in there yo. Someone start dropping F-Bombs! I’m looking at you Keith David.
  • He has an axe!
  • I kind of expected him to say Thank You
  • Oh, her last name is Woodhouse
  • He’s going to go to his wife?
  • He looks like he ate some shit.
  • He walks like it too.
  • Those aren’t lilies, are they?

In Sickness and in Health

  • If his wife doesn’t know who he is, than this show is super ridiculous. It’s already ridiculous, but I mean like SUPER ridiculous.
  • She really doesn’t recognize his voice? REALLY?!
  • It’s a fake police precinct
  • I thought he was going to cry.
  • The comic relief hasn’t been that funny. I mean he is the comic relief right? Or is it the dwarf?
  • I couldn’t decide on a villainous name, but people tend to call me Shitface.
  • This guy is SUPER NUTSO
  • And he looks like he smeared pudding all over his face.

Forsaking All Others

  • It’s not a favor, don’t forget that.
  • But his wife doesn’t recognize his voice.
  • He’s using that voodoo on him yo
  • “Help me by teaching me how to wipe properly.”

You May Now Kiss the Bride

  • She’s getting over her paralysis I guess
  • HAHA! Her father is Peter Flemming, they confirmed it!
  • Well, after being so obvious about it they kind of had to.
  • That’s like the world’s most rickety wheelchair
  • He gets crazier as this episode goes on.
  • Thanks for assessing the situation Rollo
  • No, you should totally go!
  • Did he have time to stop and get a shittier haircut?

Til Death Do Us Part

  • Is he impervious to physical attacks/pain?
  • Punch his face off! Oh, someone already did that.
  • OK, so he’s impervious to pain.
  • Boo-yah!
  • That was just like in Princess Bride when Wesley’s legs didn’t work, but Humperdinck didn’t know.
  • I totally forgot about his zombie girlfriend
  • Julia/Carrie/Jamie/Orwell
  • Did you help The Cape mom?
  • He’s blackmailing her for his love. Haha
  • Does he remind you of anyone? Nudge, nudge
  • I want to drink some mystical tea.
  • Why can’t he know she’s Orwell?
  • Well, now he knows anyway.
  • Finish that, just like Alexander the Great did.
  • Rut-roh

This show is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s

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