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The Cape – Dice

I write this after learning that this season’s order for The Cape has just been cut from 13 episodes to 10. It’s a sad day for we who are fans of this godsend of a crazy show.

  • I’m not expecting much out of that title…maybe someone who’s like Gambit, but uses dice instead of cards.
  • 100 miles outside of Palm City AND 10 years ago?
  • Is she using probability or can she see the future?
  • Peter Flemming looks no younger…
  • So she uses probability to see the future? Fringe did it!
  • It doesn’t hurt to sit like that?
  • She just called that Flemming was going to kill her father, I don’t know if she can see the future or can just read people.
  • And he followed it up with a “joking” threat.
  • She just threatened him back.
  • Now we’re back in the present!
  • Why not just call it trace? Like to trace a drawing.
  • How did that cute little girl turn into Mena Suvari?
Our Fate is Fixed
  • More family melodrama
  • Why’s he taking off his hood?
  • When is Flemming going to hurt his family?
  • One of his charges was vagrancy? How the hell does vagrant fit in to him being Chess?
  • The raccoon is dead? Well, that’s a bummer.
  • How drunk is that guy?
  • Go to bed? Wasn’t that a couch? If not his wife was being a typical woman and taking up the WHOLE DAMN BED.
  • What he was really saying was “don’t tip anyone off”
  • His family is like “don’t go ‘die’”
  • His shocked face in that newspaper clipping was amazing.
  • If I was a genius at probability I’d be the best poker player on Earth.
  • She knows how many chips are there…fancy
  • Was she tapping her fingers during her calculation…just like the character in FRINGE did?
  • This scene is lame, He moved the dice. How would she know he’d move the dice and then throw them a specific way? It made sense when she did it, but for someone else to do it there’s way too many variables to account for.
God is the Dice
  • The title of this segment scares me. I don’t know how much WTF I can take.
  • Umm, what the hell is he talking about. Is Chess some weird alter ego he can’t control? Because that doesn’t make sense.
  • Dude, she’s decent at best.
  • Where do you get a monitor like that?!
  • “She walks between the raindrops“? Really?
  • You know what it’s like to be an angry daughter, don’t you Orwell?
  • That was a f**king hologram?
  • She just tried to assassinate your dad.
  • It is actually interesting that he CAN’T let Peter Flemming die or he’ll never get his life back. I guess as long as his former partner is alive he’d be in the clear though.
  • Seriously “Trace”, rhymes with “place”. Makes way more sense.
  • She wants to play God…
  • “Tell that to my front door”? That doesn’t make sense!
  • You can’t use numbers to see things before they happen. You can predict what MIGHT happen, but you can’t be absolutely certain.
  • “It’s a shame we cant work together. You’re a blind spot. I didn’t see you coming. It’s a turn on, reminds me I’m not God.” Holy Shit. There’s so much I could say about that… 1.) Her “powers” are terrible then. 2.) This is that moment where you’re watching something and are just floored by the balls it takes for someone to write, have an actor recite, and then air a line like that and be taken seriously again in their entire life.
  • She knew that the cops would be looking for her after she tried to assassinate the leader of the corporation they work for? Well, shit, she must know the future then.
  • She didn’t ask to come with. She just asked where you were going.
  • Isn’t there also a character on No Ordinary Family who can do this exact thing, read the probability of everything?
  • She can roll a coin pretty well…
  • How the hell would he know what Caesar thought?
  • There’s NO WAY she would know he’d knock the mop over!
  • Kind of tough to get past the murder of a parent.
  • Don’t buildings have to have fail safes that protect against things like that happening?
  • She must be turned on and reminded she’s not God again
  • Just googled “funambulism”. It’s tightrope walking.
  • How is it that you don’t see through that, especially since it’s a hologram?
  • Or you can CAPE in!
  • Oh, ok, so he wants to Man on Wire it.
  • He is ALWAYS drinking.
  • That’s an awesome chess set.
  • So, he’s going to be hypnotized into thinking he’s getting a glass of milk in the middle of the night? And he’ll be totally fine? That’s like saying if you went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and forgot to lift the seat up there would zero piss on it when you were done.
  • Did she have to wear a ridiculous ensemble while showing him?
  • I put my hand up on yo’ hip, then I walk, you walk, we walk.
  • He’s a very violent dwarf.
  • “This is going to get ugly“…LET’S GET WASTED ON WINE BRO!!
  • Who taught him how to shoot a grappling hook? Oh, I forgot, he was GI Joe before he was a cop.
There Are No Accidents
  • Only tightrope mishap deaths.
  • Yeah, this looks 100% real.
  • “I was looking for the…” TAZED
  • How the hell did she get in? Why didn’t Flemming just set up static guards?
  • Why didn’t he just shoot from a higher building and zipline in? Wouldn’t that have been way easier? Walking across has to be the hardest possible way.
  • I was kind of hoping he would just pop her in the face. I’m wondering if she would have “seen” that coming.
  • She’s really not that beautiful…who is he, Kevin Spacey?
  • Wouldn’t that spark have killed her too? Or did she see the future where she somehow wasn’t annihilated by a fireball?
  • Chick fight! Aww, that wasn’t much of a fight. Oh, and guess what? “Dice” didn’t see the future where she was caught and handcuffed.
  • This woman has self-esteem issues.
  • You’ll never catch me coppah!
  • So, they’re suggesting he can’t control being Chess? That it’s some alternate personality?
  • What kind of cryptic crap was that last scene? Did the calendar tell him “a guy is going to fall into your underground lair and he will be the next wearer?

I don’t love this show, but I far from hate it. More people need to watch it. It’s in that “so bad, it’s good” territory.

I forgot to mention this in that second section, but it was funny how she actually uses dice that explode to try to kill Flemming the first time she tries. It seems like my guess wasn’t THAT far off.

If you’d like to watch this episode while you read along, you can find it here.

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