Bulletstorm – Demo Impressions

Bulletstorm was developed by People Can Fly, is backed by Epic, and is being published for the 360 and PS3 by EA. Yeah, that’s a mouthful of names and abbreviations. Anyway, it’ll be released February 22nd, and the demo for it hit sometime last week or so. How radtastic is it?

Guns - In the demo you can only take two guns with you, Two guns out of three, but you have three slots. I realize this is supposed to promote replaying the game, but aren’t demos supposed to give you MORE than the retail game? The guns are cool though, they have a sweet bolo grenade gun, and all of the weapons have alternate fire modes to help you get different skill shots.

Kill With Skill – That brings me to the next point, Bulletstorm is an arcadey FPS. The demo consists of an “Echo”, a replayable section you aim for a high score on. You get points for kills. The more unique, creative, and complicated the kill the more points you get. It’s pretty fun experimenting and I can see that aspect adding a lot of replay value.

Watch Your Mouth - I feel like the producers of this game still think that swearing makes you cool. Some of the language doesn’t really even fit. They’re just swearing to swear. I know they’re going for comedy and George Carlin swore a lot, but swearing doesn’t make you funny.

There’s not a lot more to say about Bulletstorm. It’s pretty straight forward about what it’s going for, cool looking kills with a lot of f-bombs thrown in. The demo is only an “echo”, there’s still the campaign and a multiplayer component to be scrutinized. We’re just going to have to wait until February 22nd to see how it turns out.

Watch how awkwardly a couple of the people who worked on the game swear in this video. They need to swear, because it’s COOL!

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