Brooklyn Nine-Nine

brooklyn nine nineI was a bit skeptical about this show when I first saw anything about it because of Andy Samberg (sorry Andy!). But, the rest of the cast seems great. Andre Braugher as the chief,  Joe Lo Truglio and Terry Crews as fellow officers, and Chelsea Peretti as the office manager. Seems like it could be great.

Reviews for it have been almost all positive, with a lot of critics saying this is the best new comedy of the season. Now, I don’t know if that’s because it’s a weak crop, or if it’s because this is a great show, but I intend on finding out tonight at 8:30 on FOX. 

At 8:00 on FOX is the series premiere of Dads, a series about two older video game developers that live with their dads. It was produced by Seth MacFarlane. A lot of people are not liking this one. I’m going to check it out. If you never hear about it here again it’s because I had nothing nice to say.

And at 9:00, also on FOX , is the season premiere of New Girl, which is one of the best shows on TV. You should be watching it.

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