Brooklyn Nine-Nine

brooklyn nine nine most of the castIt was hard to not be skeptical about this show without seeing it. A silly cop show starring Andy Samberg? Sounds kind of like a recipe for disaster. But, with Michael Schur and Daniel Goor behind it, and the rest of the cast, it was worth a shot at the very least.

To me? It was a home run. Samberg is great as a silly character that still gets his job done. And Andre Braugher, as his new captain, is the perfect straight guy to his ‘zany’ antics. Bonus points for making the shows straight guy a gay character, that’s a nice touch.

The dynamic between Samberg’s Jake Peralta and his partner, Melissa Fumero’s Amy Santiago, is great. He’s concerned with getting the job done while having a little fun, while she’s much more by the book and craves structure.

The other supporting characters round out a funny ragtag bunch of police officers. You have Joe Lo Truglio’s hardworking but clumsy Detective Boyle, Stephanie Beatriz’s seemingly very mean Detective Rosa Diaz, Chelsea Peretti’s sort of off in the clouds Civilian Administrator Gina Linetti, and Terry Crews’ Sergeant Terry Jeffords that is now afraid of any action. There are a lot of laughs to be had here.

It’s tough to make light of situations that involve police and I was worried that the show was only going to focus on things like store robberies when no one was around and other less violent crime, but the first episode dealt with a murder and it worked. Mostly when their new captain showed up and Peralta goofily said “welcome to the murder.” It made them investigating a death kind of funny.

While I don’t know if they’ll be able to continue that idea of making crimes seem less serious for comedic effect, I’m surely going to find out.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is on FOX tonight at 8:30. Check it out.

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