Brian Wood – Interview

Brian Wood is the writer behind the comics Demo, DMZ, & Northlanders; the three for which he is most known. I got a chance to talk to him after a Dark Horse comics panel at New York Comic Con, which he was part of to talk about two new books he’s working on with Dark Horse. Check that out below.

Never Not a Nerd : You’re working with Dark Horse on two books?

Brian Wood: Yes. Conan and The Massive.

NNAN : Have you worked with Dark Horse before?

Wood : No

NNAN : What’s the experience been like so far?

Wood : It’s great. I got into comics as an adult, as a college student. It was really Dark Horse’s creator owned books in the early 90’s, along with Vertigo in the mid 90’s that really made me want to make comics. I didn’t read superhero books as a kid. When I got into it, it was Sin City and Vertigo, that was the kind of stuff that got me going. So, now it’s great. It took a while to work with them.

NNAN : What happened with Northlanders?

Wood : It was canceled. It was sales, bad sales.

NNAN : I loved that series so much.

Wood : I did too. Though, it’s hard to argue with bad sales.

NNAN : The Conan book, are you excited because it’s the same sort of theme?

Wood : Yeah, I mean, I was already doing Conan anyway. It’s the same, but it’s pretty different. The world of Conan is its own world, and it’s defined…

NNAN : More sorcery.

Wood : You come in and there’s a lot of different rules. With that said, I definitely kept my Conan take in very much the same tone. So it’s going to be very clear it’s me. I’m not trying to write like someone else. It’s not going to be full of swears and stuff like Northlanders was. It’s not going to be exactly like Northlanders, but it’s going to be close. You’ll be able to recognize me as the writer.

NNAN : You’re working with Marvel too, on X-Men.

Wood : I am.

NNAN : Anything you can tell me about that?

Wood : I can’t really tell you anything about the book.

NNAN : They just released a cover a couple of days ago right?

Wood : To tell you the truth, I don’t even know if that’s the cover. It might just be a promo image.

NNAN : Yeah, it’s just an image with your name on it.

Wood : I wrote for Marvel, 12 years ago, briefly, on Generation X. (Recently) My DC deal was coming to an end, which was around the time Axel (Alonso) got promoted to the editor-in-chief (of Marvel), and I know Axel from his Vertigo days. So, it was just the perfect time to give him a call and ask if there was any room. I just ended these long creator-owned books, and I’m looking to stretch my legs a bit, and try a different thing. Because I don’t really write a lot of superhero books.

NNAN : Lastly, anything else going on or upcoming that you can tell me about?

Wood : No, those three things are the big stuff. As my current books end, there’s a couple smaller creator owned things that I’d maybe do with Image or digital first if I could find a way to do it. The other thing about doing these longer monthly books is I keep coming up with ideas for new books, but I don’t have the time. I’m locked into these multi-year things, so I have a lot of material.

NNAN : You seem pretty busy.

Wood : Yeah, I’m always trying to be as busy as I can. The beginning of 2012 is when all this stuff will hit. It’s going to start coming in January and then will be: new thing, new thing, new thing.

NNAN : Thanks for your time.

Wood : Take care.


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