Ever Wish Your Boss Were Dead?

Horrible Bosses is a film in which Nick, Dale, and Kurt all work for people that they can’t stand, but due to their past, threats from their boss, or the job market being terrible they feel as though they can’t risk leaving to look for something better.

Nick’s (Jason Bateman) boss (Kevin Spacey) is completely nuts and decides to pass Nick over for a promotion and take on being both the President and Vice president of the company. Dale’s (Charlie Day) boss (Jennifer Aniston) is sexually harassing him and threatening to blackmail him to his fiancee with pictures she took while Dale was unconscious unless he has sex with her. And Kurt’s boss (Colin Farrell) wants to strip the company for all its profits and be rid of it.

Because they all feel so stuck they decide their best option is to kill their bosses.



  • The characters. I was going to make a list of each one and why they were good, but let me lump them all together. This movie is funny because of the characters and the actors performances. None of them are even particularly deep, but the actors do such a great job of nailing the funny bits that it makes you forget about how little we actually know about them other than where they work.
  • The story as a whole. It doesn’t make the movie bad, but there are some parts that make you scratch your head. Like how they can be so dumb while trying to plan a murder(some of the part that plays into the comedy aspect) or why Kurt is so set on killing his boss immediately after he takes over. He works for the guy an entire day before he decides he needs to die.
1 to 1, but the characters and the way they are portrayed outweigh the story’s shortcomings. After laughing a good amount of the run-time you’ll no longer care how Kurt came to the murder decision so fast, or why Jennifer Aniston’s character is so obsessed with Dale. I’d say this is worth a view in the theater.


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