Bob’s Burgers

20130929-162049.jpgOne of the best, if not THE best, animated shows on television returns with its fourth season tonight. Don’t be a butthole and miss Bob’s Burgers tonight. It’s on FOX at 8:30PM.

Luckily Bob’s Burgers is on at 8:30PM, because the series finale of Breaking Bad is on AMC at 9PM. That’s probably what everyone’s going to be watching at 9PM.

If you’re a Breaking Bad fan your DVR might be getting a workout tonight. Homeland is on Showtime at 9PM with their third season premiere. Record that.

I still like American Dad! even if FOX isn’t completely behind it anymore. The ninth season, its last season on FOX, begins tonight at 9:30PM.

Danny McBride is ridiculous as Kenny Powers, and Eastbound & Down returns to HBO tonight at 10:00PM for its fourth season.

Showtime’s new series Masters of Sex, a fictional show about research into human sexuality, premieres tonight at 10PM.

And then lastly we have the new HBO series Hello Ladies, starring Stephen Merchant as an awkward wannabe ladie’s man, premiering at 10:30PM.

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