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Blue Caprice & The Family

strong punch 9-13I’ve been trying to go ‘pure praise’ since I changed the look of the site up, and I plan on sticking with that plan. There are more movies that come out this week than these two, but these two are the two that I would chose to personally plop money down to see.

Blue Caprice

blue caprice

The story of the Beltway snipers that kept the city of DC in fear for 3 weeks in 2002, and the car that they used to commit the crimes. Reviews for this have been pretty excellent across the board. If this gets the requisite amount of buzz you could be hearing¬†Isaiah Washington’s name come awards season.

The Family 

the family

While the trailer may throw Martin Scorsese’s name in your face, he was only an Executive Producer for this film. It was directed by Transporter and Taken creator Luc Besson. Reviews for The Family haven’t been so good, or very good at all. But, we fans of fun film experiences should just be happy we have a Luc Besson directed action-comedy with a proper ‘R’ rating. Some of the complaints have to do with the violence and your ability to pull laughs from such things. So, maybe this is for fans of movies like God Bless America? We’ll see.

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