Blue Beetle Maybe Possibly Kinda Slightly Going Live-Action

Now I don’t know what the odds are of this actually occurring, but according to Geoff Johns’ Twitter, there has been live-action testing of the Blue Beetle suiting up, and there is a slim chance there could be a live-action show of the Blue Beetle coming in the future.  Andrew maintains that it will be be like the many spin-offs of Smallville that never happened (Aquaman, Green Arrow, Supergirl, The Graysons, etc.)  But I kind of liken it to the many live action super-suited martial arts shows that have been ferried over from Japan like the Power Rangers and Kamen Rider.  When you think about it this incarnation of BB is just a cross between Spider-Man and the Guyver.  Teen gets bitten by something that gives him superpowers and becomes a superhero with an alien suit of armor.  Why wouldn’t they do an American property that could work just as well as the other shows that have been targeted to kids.  That’s assuming their idea is targeted to kids.

If it does get made, let’s just pray it isn’t just a new version of Smallville.  Teen angst followed by teen angst and nothing really happening.  What a Blue Beetle show needs to be is just a young kid in Texas who gets attached to the scarab that turns into the armor, and he then proceeds to fight aliens and crime bosses.  Don’t just ignore that he has a personal life, but don’t beat us over the head with it.  Yeah, he’s got friends and family and problems like any other teen, but he’s also a superhero fighting against an entire race that wishes to see him assimilated because of his ‘defective’ scarab.  A Blue Beetle series could conceivably do well, as long as they don’t screw around with the fans like Smallville does.  Put him in the suit, make him fight monsters, and let me get on with my life.  Don’t do an entire season that builds up to him MAYBE getting the suit to turn on.  There will be endless rage.

Anything that puts BB back on the forefront, because despite being far from an original idea, it was one of DC’s best ideas in a long time.  Bring things back to a teen superhero with common problems, reinvigorate a continuity that had long been stagnant, and actually make him an enjoyable character that isn’t surrounded by death and destruction.  The worst thing to happen to Jaime Reyes is that his dad got hurt while he was gone for a year.  His dad didn’t even die.  He’s a much more well-adjusted hero than some others who shall remain nameless, but whose parents were either blown up on a planet or shot in an alley.  Canceling Blue Beetle’s book wasn’t a great move, but DC isn’t really known for smooth moves with titles.  Maybe a live action show will go towards changing that.

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