The Blacklist

the blacklistThis one looks like it could be NBC’s hit new hour-long. Kind of like Sleepy Hollow appears to be for FOX (it got 10 million viewers last week). James Spader is a great choice to star in anything, because he’s a great actor. Spader plays one of the FBI’s most wanted who turns himself in in order to help a new FBI profiler catch some of the most dangerous criminals in the world. I was going to post the trailer, but it’s 4 minutes long, and it pretty much tells the whole story of the first episode. Don’t watch that 4 minute trailer if you don’t want to feel like you’ve seen the whole pilot. The Blacklist airs on NBC tonight at 10PM.

Hostages is a new series from CBS starring Dylan McDermott as an FBI agent that has to get a surgeon(Toni Collette) to kill the president, to save his wife? I’m confused. The trailer confused me. Maybe he’s just doing it because he wants to? Anyway, I think CBS is going for its own version of Homeland. We’ll see if it gets there tonight at 10PM.

Another new series, Mom, premieres on CBS tonight. It stars Allison Janney as the mom and Anna Farris as her daughter. They’re both recovering addicts, and it’s brought to us by Chuck Lorre, so I’m sure it’ll be a sensitive take on the subject. Mom premieres tonight at 9:30.

Also, don’t forget to watch the second episode Sleepy Hollow – “Blood Moon” tonight on FOX at 9PM.

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