Bishop & McKenna

The Mechanic stars Jason Statham as Bishop, a ‘mechanic’ at the top of his game. See, in the world of the movie ‘mechanic’ actually means hitman, and they apparently get their jobs off of Craigslist. Bishop is very good at assassinating people and making it look like an accident, which they clue you in on within the first few minutes. After his boss convinces him that Bishop’s own mentor needs to be put down and he’s the best man for the job things get interesting. He kills his mentor(Donald Sutherland) and takes on his mentor’s drifter son, Steve McKenna(Ben Foster), as his apprentice. It’s then just a matter of time before Steve finds out the man who is now his mentor killed his father, and they both piss off the wrong people. It’s all very “circle of life”. But, is it worth your money?


  • The action sequences are fun to watch. Bishop is able to annihilate people fairly easily from the start. He then teaches Steve to do the same, in an 80’s style montage.
  • The ending was kind of cool.


  • Steve gets a little too good a little too fast. Sure, he kind of sucks at it during his first kill, but almost immediately after that he’s taking out four armed men that have the drop on him in a single room.
  • There’s really no point to, or agreement on Steve becoming Bishop’s apprentice. Neither of them ever mentions it, it kind of just happens and they continue to go with it. Maybe Bishop senses it in him and feels like he owes him because he killed his father? It’s not very clear why he does it.
  • Speaking of not understanding why something happens in this film, there are a bunch of scenes that have absolutely no point. I would say the scene where Steve is kind of dancing in his father’s house and shooting the wall, but that might have been to show the audience his anger. But, what was the point of the woman Bishop went to see? Those scenes were there to eat up time and so there could be a sex scene.
  • Maybe I can see from a time standpoint why those scenes were in there. This film is quite short. Without the end credits it came in at something like 83 minutes. The majority of the story gets wrapped up at around 75 minutes.

The action sequences are really the only part of The Mechanic that make it worth watching, but there aren’t really enough to keep you entertained throughout. There’s too many throw-away scenes. And like a lot of action and comedy films the best parts are in the red band trailer. Either see this one on the cheapĀ or wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray release and rent it.

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