If Batman Was a Villain, and He Wasn’t Much Like Batman

Nemesis is the latest Mark Millar book to come out in trade form. Mark Millar, the comic book writer who will pitch a story to a movie studio before the first issue is out.

This is a confusing story, a very confusing story(not really at first, but the ending will leave you scratching your head). Nemesis is a villain who goes from city to city killing that city’s most famous policeman. After dispatching yet another chief of police, Nemesis sets his crosshairs on Blake Morrow, D.C. Chief of Police. From there the story gets twisty turny, and I don’t think I can say anything else without spoiling anything. (the “Nay” section could be a bit spoiler-y)


  • I find myself saying this a lot, but the idea for the story is pretty cool. What if Batman really was evil?


  • Everything else…no, I’m just kidding. Unfortunately we don’t actually learn what an evil Batman would be like. Nemesis does claim that he’s avenging the death of his parents, who ran human hunting parties where rich people would hunt unfortunate young girls (yeah, i know, it makes his character lovable). But, things aren’t always as them seem. Apparently Nemesis isn’t even a full-time super-villain.
  • After all the things Nemesis does you learn he did it because he was bored, and he started fairly recently. This reveal really goes a long way into explaining how he took out 90+ guards BY HIMSELF & How he shot down a helicopter that was behind him as he rode a motorcycle (that popped out of an Audi, I guess that’s like Batman, kinda) off of a bridge.
  • The ending is awful. There are double-crossings, there’s triple-crossings, and it all gets tied together in a bow made completely out of bullshit. Also, the attempt at a cliffhanger ending, or what is a supposed seed for a sequel is terrible. Seriously, the last 8 pages will probably just piss you off.

Nemesis is another case of good concept poor execution. If they make a movie out of this I’ll be pretty bummed out, because it just isn’t good enough . I wouldn’t be too surprised if they did though. I’m unsure if Jane Goldman can make enough changes to this story to make it a worthwhile film.

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