Batman is Homeward Bound

But you can’t see the cover.  Not yet.  No.  As you can see, it is labeled “top secret” which means it’s serious business.  My guess is that Bruce Wayne shows up at Wayne Manor and he’s pregnant.  As a brutal consequence of time-travel he knocked himself up and the product will be the new Bruce Wayne, who will be a baby and fight crime.  I’m just spit-balling here, throwing some ideas around.  If the reveal is that he was the Joker all along, or something like that, well I’ll… actually, I won’t even be surprised.  Not at this point.  Not with DC.  I feel like they have a good thing going with Batman & Robin and I think if they bring him back to replace Dick Grayson it’ll be a little premature.  I know a lot of fans are still eager to see Bruce back under the cowl but DC has received a lot of criticism lately (partly from me) on the grounds that they’ve been trying to make everything all Silver-Agey and safe again by returning to all those heroes.  I’m not saying never have Bruce be Batman again.  I’m saying just give it a little time.  Bucky’s still Captain America, after all.

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