Shut Up, Crime!

Super is a limited theatrical release/ On-demand film from director James Gunn starring Rainn Wilson. Wilson plays Frank, a diner cook whose former drug-addict wife relapses and leaves him for a drug dealer named Jacques (played by Kevin Bacon). After his wife leaves he goes to the police and says she’s been kidnapped, but the detective he talks to convinces him that she left him and to just deal with it. In the middle of the night, after watching a show about the Holy Avenger, Frank has a vision where he is touched by the finger of God. This, oddly enough, sets him on the path to becoming a masked vigilante in order to get his wife back.


  • Rainn Wilson is great in this film. I want to say he’s kind of playing Dwight Schrute if he was even more “off”, but it’s different. Frank’s a mostly deranged man that lets his feelings drive his actions. You can tell a lot of the time he doesn’t completely think things through before he acts upon them. This is especially highlighted when the first time he tries to stop a criminal he uses his bare hands.
  • There’s a lot of good comic book references. Ellen Page plays Libby, a girl that works at his local comic shop. When he goes in to buy comics as inspiration for his own crime fighting, they become friends. A lot of the dynamic between the two of them is based off of a very odd hero/sidekick relationship and how they’re supposed to be engaging with each other within a certain set of understood parameters. Ellen Page plays a great psycho too.
  • The movie is violent, but it’s not over-the-top grind house violent. It all felt real, especially because we are watching a disturbed man dish out his misplaced(and sometimes properly placed) aggression.
  • The last 10 or some minutes are really fun to watch, and again, have some nice references to comic books.


I haven’t seen a few of the movies that have been released in the past few weeks, as releases have been picking up, but Super is my favorite movie I’ve seen this year so far. It’s a lot darker and more realistic than Kick-Ass, and for that reason I think it is a better film than Kick-Ass. Go see Super if it’s in your area. You can also find it on-demand from various cable providers (It might be on game consoles too).

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