Avatar: The Last Redemption Opportunity

Avatar: The Legend of Korra has been announced as the upcoming sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender.  It will focus on a waterbender named Korra who will be learning how to be the Avatar 70 years following the events of Aang’s story.  It’s been implied that it will be a steampunk-styled story wherein Korra is visited by Aang who is in the spirit world and she will need to learn airbending from Aang’s son.  It all sounds pretty good.  Anything to distract people from the monstrosity that was the M. Night Shamoolie adaptation.

For me there’s every reason to revisit this world, as it’s a really interesting continuity they put together for Avatar.  I just assumed though that if the story was revisited it would be about Aang and the gang, due to there still being only one airbender.  Whether or not this is still an issue is unknown, but considering it’s been said Korra needs to learn from Aang’s son seems to imply that the Air Nomads are still pretty dead.  Apart from needing to see where that goes, we can now wait calmly to see just how this show manages to pick up where the original three seasons left off.

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