Valiant Hearts: The ...

Valiant Hearts is tagged as “an animated comic book adventure” and it definitely lives up to that.

Boba Lives

A great start to a great nerd shirt is not having words on it. The next step is to make sure the design is almost incognito. You don’t need to yell about what it is from the shirt. People will figure it out.

Guardians of the Gal...

After seeing Guardians of the Galaxy last night I immediately tweeted “Guardians of the Galaxy > Avengers”. I’ll be the first person to admit that that was wrong. What I meant to say was “Guardians of the Galaxy > The Avengers”. I forgot to include the “The” in the title of the Avengers movie.

July 30th, 2014

Here are the comics I think you should be spending money on this week.


This is another case of a shirt design that I’m into, which I guess is the entire point of these posts.