Aningaaq Dec12


I’ve had this tab open in my browser since this video surfaced online and have been meaning to post it. If you haven’t seen Gravity it’s kind of spoilery. It’s the opposite end of the conversation Sandra Bullock’s character has in the movie. I personally feel like it’s a great short film, probably even better than the feature it comes from. Check it out below.

Pigeonman & Duc...

One of them makes bath time lots of fun. Which sounds weird.

Rick and Morty

While everyone was running for the hill and their precious mid-season break Rick and Morty premiered last week and ray gunned all of their sorry asses.

Moon of my Life

The genie from Aladdin got bad ass.

The Eric Andre Show

The craziest late night show on television has a brand new episode tonight. Check it ouuuuuuuut!