arrow - City of HeroesJust going with what’s first up tonight. TV is on and you may be watching it. Here are the things you might want to pay extra attention to.


The second season premiere of Arrow starts tonight at 8PM on the CW. Is it still called “The CW”?

At 9PM on ABC you can catch a brand new episode of Modern Family – “Farm Strong”. This show is very very funny. It’s so funny that I watched a marathon of it on USA this past weekend.

Also on at 9PM is the re-remake of The Tomorrow People, a show that is kind of reminiscent of the X-Men, on CW.

At 10PM on FX is this season’s iteration of American Horror Story. This season is called Coven and deals with witches.

FXX has a brand new It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on at 10PM.

South Park gets controversial on Comedy Central at 10PM with an episode titled “World War Zimmerman”.

Following South Park on Comedy Central is another brand new episode of Key & Peele at 10:30PM.

There’s a brand new episode of The League on FXX at 10:30PM.



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